• St Mary-at-Hill Church (map)
  • Lovat Lane, Eastcheap
  • London,
  • EC3R 8EE

For Icosa's next concert in London we return to St Mary-at-Hill where we performed an Epiphany Concert in Early 2016.


This concert brings together a mix of music new and old, local and international on the subject of War and Refugees. Kala Pierson's piece 'Blue Phoenix' sets an artist's experience of an air strike in Baghdad. Benjamin Rimmer's 'In the Shining Blackness' takes words from a Jewish Refugee from WW2. Through Fenton Hutson's and Sheena Phillips' pieces we compare scenes 100 years apart. Fenton's piece deals with the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and the death marches through the Syrian Desert to Aleppo whilst Sheena's piece is a lament dedicated to the people of Aleppo today. We close the concert with a vision of paradise with Bethany McLeish's wonderful piece Day is Done for Violin and 7 voices written in memory of her Grandmother. 

Within the concert's theme, we observe the links between early compositional techniques and those of today. Carlotta Ferrari has a distinct, sparse, almost medieval style and sets words of early composer Hildergard Von Bingen. Renaissance Composer John Sheppard used Sarum Chant as a cantus firmus in his compositions which formed a backbone to many of his pieces. Icosa's conductor, Luke Mather, brings this technique into the 21st Century with his piece Agnus Dei which layers both Gregorian and Sarum Chants over each other finishing with the words 'Dona Nobis Pacem', grant us peace.

This concert will also mark a step towards long term Icosa goal - gender equality in composition. Half of the music in this concert will be by female composers. If you know any female composers whose music we could perform in future concerts, get them to send us an email!

Programme to Include:

In the Shining Blackness - Benjamin Rimmer

Blue Phoenix - Kala Pierson

Songs of Sorrow - Sheena Phillips

Into Nothingness - Fenton Hutson

Day is Done - Bethany McLeish

Even When He is Silent - Kim André Arnesen

Nos Sumus in Mundo - Carlotta Ferrari

O Virtus Sapientia - Hildegard Von Bingen

In Manus Tuas (II) - John Sheppard

Agnus Dei - Luke Mather